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We believe that running is a social sport. FootRace is a phone app that enables friends to race wherever and whenever.
Quit running alone, FootRace!

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Race Review Screen

Easily Track Races

We make it easy for you to check out your previous races, points and stats right on the home screen.


Earn Points

FootRace is powered by a unique algorithm which allows you to earn points for runs, wins, mileage and gain. These points will earn you real rewards and rank amongst your friends and the FootRace community on our leaderboards.


Simple Race Setup

Easily setup a race by clicking the Start a Race button at the bottom of the home screen..

Review Race Results

After each race, we make it easy for you to see how you did amongst your friends. The runner with the fastest time will win the race.


Fun Race Stats

Your speed will determine your place in a race, however, your elevation gain and pace will also contribute to the amount of points you may earn for each given race.



Easily swipe right and left to compare your path and race stats with that of your opponents.



Share your results on Facebook and Twitter, and flaunt your progress as a FootRacer.

Race Review Screen

About FootRace

Tired of current apps and their lack of social implementation, FootRace was born.

Meet the Team

Founded by runners, for runners.



"I run to remind myself there's a big world out there.
I race to remind myself to keep running."



"I run to stay healthy and in shape.
I race to stay motivated and not fall behind on my workouts."


What is FootRace?

FootRace uses the power of your smart phone to enable you to challenge friends to race.

Why would I need FootRace?

If you are a runner, somebody who's competitive, in need to settle a score, bored with current running apps, or you simply love games, then FootRace is for you.

How does a race work?

You choose the length and the opponents, and then start running. After you complete your chosen distance, your time, pace and elevation is then calculated, and the challenge is sent to your chosen opponents. Your opponents simply run the same distance, and at the end all runners are compared and the fastest time will win the race.

What happens after I win a race?

As you race, you will have the chance to earn points. The more you win, the greater amount of points you will earn, and points will earn you rewards, as well as status amongst your friends on our leaderboards.

When will FootRace be available?

We are expecting to have the Android version of FootRace hit the Google Play store near the end of spring/ early summer. The iOS version will follow immediately after, available in the Apple App Store mid-summer.

What if I don't want to race anybody?

We understand that not everybody is always in the mood to race. Luckily you can have a solo run and continue tracking run times while still earning points and rewards.

What if I don't have friends to race?

You will have the ability to race random opponents so that you can grow your network of running friends.

How do I find friends to race?

Using Facebook and your contact list within your phone, you will be able to easily find and invite friends to race.

What about different running conditions?

Because FootRace enables you to race people all around the globe, you will be racing some friends in the rain, the snow, the sunshine, on top of mountains, on flat plains and everything in between. At this time, we do not have a way to compensate the varying circumstances runners will be racing in, however, we do plan to figure out a way to add climate and elevation gain into the points algorithm, as well as a strong matching system to find runners within a certain distance that will more than likely have your similar elevation and weather.

How many people can race at one time?

Runners will be able to race up to four opponents per race for free. Runners who would like to race more than four opponents per race will be able to do so for a small in-app charge. We have yet to determine specific prices, but will have the prices posted here. We will also enable marathon organizers and groups to purchase large scale races. Feel free to contact us with anymore questions regarding races and pricing.


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